Syrian customer Nabil Kher Bek is visiting our company

On the afternoon of July 27, 2023, Nabil Kher Bek, a Syrian customer, came to ChinTiyan to visiting the company. East China Region Manager Peng and the Central China Region manager Li Kaixin from extended a warm welcome to his arrival.

customer visit photo

Led by Manager Peng Chao, Nabil Kher Bek visited the company’s production workshop and display area.

Manager Peng Chao gave a detailed introduction to the performance, characteristics, production capacity and application aspects of our company’s online frame marking machine, high-speed IBC stringer, typesetting machine, sorting machine, assembly line body and other products and single equipment

customer company photo

At the meeting, Manager Peng Chao first introduced to Nabil Kher Bek the business system, core R&D team, operating conditions and future development plans of ChinTian, and conducted an in-depth discussion on the development trend of the photovoltaic industry and the international new energy policy and environment. Nabil Kher Bek expressed high recognition for the introduction of Manager Peng Chao

Then Nabil Kher Bek introduced Syria’s energy situation, local energy demand, and international stability. He expressed his interest in the online frame marking machine and high-speed IBC stringer welder independently developed by our company. Nabil Kher Bek said that he would introduce this new technology and new equipment into his project, and conduct an in-depth discussion with the company on the later cooperation model.

ChinTiyan New Energy will continue to welcome more strategic customers from all over the world with a friendly and open attitude to visit the factory, communicate and cooperate, and jointly promote the use of green energy, so as to help realize the double carbon goal as soon as possible and achieve a win-win situation for all parties .

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