200MW Full Solar Panel Assembly Line

production process


Scribing cutting mahcine          Scribing cutting machine inside details          Scribing cutting machine front details

High-speed Silicon Wafer Laser Nondestructive Scribing Machine CT-WS-7200

Non-destructive scribing, strong load-bearing capacity, effectively improving the yield of new processes for solar module assembly with small gaps, negative spacing, large dimensions, and thin-film module encapsulation.


Stringer machine          striger machine details           striger machine inside details

AM050E Multi-busbar photovoltaic stringer

High automation operation efficiency, improved accuracy in module soldering, and reduced defect rate.


Layout robot          Lay out machien details           Lay out machien inside details

Fully Automatic Robot arm layup machine

Automated operation saves time, labor, and safeguards solar panels from damage, thereby enhancing module encapsulation yield.

Auto bussing machine right photo         Auto bussing machine left details photo           Auto bussing machine internal details photo

Auto Bussing welding machine

Compatible with various module layouts for busbar soldering, significantly enhancing production efficiency.


EL tester machine          EL tester machine details           EL tester machine front details

EL tester machine(2 Models+Customization)

Multi-camera direct imaging enables effective detection of micro-cracks, fragments, low-efficiency cells, sintered grid lines, screen printing blockages, material defects, welding flaws, process contamination, and more in the modules.

Laminature machine(5 Models+Customization)            Laminature details           Laminature front details

Laminature machine(5 Models+Customization)

Through processes such as heating and vacuum suction, the laminated components are fused together as a single unit.


Trimming machine          Trimming machine details            Trimming machine inside details

Trimming machine

Dealing with the burrs produced by EVA film and glue during the lamination process


Framing machine           Framing machine details             Framing machine inside details

Framing machine

Integrated operation of gluing and framing enhances production efficiency.


IV tester machine front photo          IV tester machine details photo             Solar Simulator Top Light CT-1000

IV tester machine(4 Models+Costomization)

A+A+A+ performance; full spectrum testing with a spectral range of 300-1200nm, achieving comprehensive spectral testing for high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and significantly improving testing accuracy.


Line capacity:


Tabber stringer:

210mm 6600pcs/h *1 sets* 24h*300 days* 4.5W=214MW/ Year
182mm 6600pcs/h *1 sets* 24h*300 days* 3.5W=166MW/ Year
166mm 6600pcs/h *1 sets* 24h*300 days* 3W=142MW/ Year


The line can produce MBB/PERC/Full &half cell

Max solar panel size: 2500*1400mm
Min solar panel size: 1630*900mm


The production line factory conditions:

Area of building 2500*3500㎡
Higher of building :3.2m-5.4m
Power consume The acerage maximum ≥600KW
Water box
Air supply  6000L/min
Air condition 25℃ expect laminating
worker people more than 28persons
8H/16H/24H per day
Package:Wood box.